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There are so many standards in the bicycle industry that there is almost no standard anymore. This also applies to the way you can attach a front wheel to your bike. However, this is essential to know before you purchase a SeaSucker carrier cause you have to attach your bike to a SeaSucker in the same way. And of course, we obviously want that everything fits! 

By means of this article, we hope to provide some more clarity. 

Quick release 

The most common connection for a race bike and often used in the older mountain bikes. When the front wheel is out, you will see the dropout of the front fork. In contrast to all thru axle variants, the quick release variant always has an opening at the bottom for the wheel. All carriers have standard these quick release adapters. The only exeption is the Talon 15mm thru-axle. The quick release adapter can also be ordered separately. 

Example quick release connection:

12mm thru axle

Since the arrival of disc brakes on race bikes, we see that this has become standard for these bikes. The system works slightly differntly than the quick release. It often concerns a axle which is mounted in the front fork. To fit this system, you need the 12mm thru axle adapter. 

Example 12mm thru axle

15mm thru axle

The standard for modern mountain bikes. You need the 15mm thru axle adapter for the assembly. The axle for the front wheel is also used to secure the bicycle.

15mm Boost thru axle 

A variation on the regular 15 mm thru axle. The Boost version works with a different size. The regular 15mm thru axle comes with 100mm, but Boost with 110mm. To fit this system on a SeaSucker, you need a 15mm thru axle adapter with a Boost spacer. By doing so, you close the 10mm gap. 

20mm thru axle / steekas

A less common variant of the quick release. This is mainly used on downhill bikes. The 20mm thru axle comes also in 110mm. It's standard for the 20mm thru axle adapter, so you don't need a Boost spacer. 

Compare 20mm thru axle and the quick release adapter:

Good to know: All adapters can be changed on our carriers.That way, you can easily adapt every carrier to your new bike if necessary. 

Do you still not know which connection your bike has in spite of the information above? Please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help you.