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  • Vervoeren van ski’s en snowboards met zuignappen? What the s*ck!

    Transporting ski’s or snowboard with suction...

    How to transport ski's and snowboards? Planning a trip to the Alpes, Pyrenees, or another winter sports area? Transporting your gear up the mountain might be one of the problems...

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  • It's time to go OFFROAD!

    The days are slowly getting shorter, the weather is getting worse and the sun is showing itself less often. Motivation to go out and cycle on the road, hard to...

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    Het is tijd om je mountainbike weer te vervoeren!
  • Dak fietsendrager

    Dak fietsendrager

    Als jouw auto niet beschikt over een trekhaak kun je je fietsen het beste vervoeren met een fietsendrager op het dak. SeaSucker biedt verschillende modellen dak fietsendragers aan die passen op...

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  • Bike carrier without a towbar

    You would like to take your bike with you on holiday or for a ride in your own country, but you do not have a tow bar on your car...

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    Fietsendrager zonder trekhaak
  • Fietsendragers voor mountainbikes

    Bike carriers for mountainbikes

    For many people, mountain biking is a hobby they enjoy on holiday or in their own country. To be able to cycle the beautiful routes, you sometimes have to drive...

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