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If your car does not have a tow bar, the best way to transport your bikes is with a roof bike carrier. SeaSucker offers different models of roof bike carriers to fit any type of car. Read more about them!

What are the options for roof mounted bike carriers?

There are several ways to mount a bike on the roof of a car. Many cars nowadays are equipped with a roof rail. Don't you have a roof rail on your car? SeaSucker offers several roof racks that can be mounted on any car without a roof rail. Check out our offer in the shop!

What are the requirements for a good roof rack?

In the Netherlands, there are several rules regarding bike carriers. Below is a summary of the rules for roof bike carriers:
- The bikes should not protrude more than 20 centimeters on either side of the car
- No sharp parts may protrude
- The weight of the bike must not exceed the maximum nose weight of the car

What options does SeaSucker offer?

SeaSucker offers various roof racks for bicycles. SeaSucker has models that are suitable for transporting one, two, or three bicycles. These bike carriers for car roofs are suitable for several types of cargo, namely mountain bikes, race bikes, and e-bikes. In addition to the various roof racks, SeaSucker also sells accessories for the bike carriers.

What is the maximum load capacity?

The models that are placed on the roof are the SeaSucker Talon, Mini Bomber and Bomber. These 3 models all have the same features. The only difference is the number of bikes you can transport. The Talon is suitable for one bicycle, the Mini Bomber for two and the Bomber for three. The models can carry 20 kilograms per bike and have a 95-kilogram pulling force per vacuum cup.

What are the advantages of the SeaSucker roof rack?

SeaSucker's system has several advantages over other roof carriers. SeaSucker bike carriers can be fitted on any car without a tow bar and therefore also on the next car. In addition, the roof bike carriers are very easy to assemble and disassemble, making them very user friendly. The SeaSucker bike carriers can be used on different types of cargo where other brands have bike carriers that are only made for one type of cargo. The SeaSucker bike carrier is suitable for mountain bikes, race bikes, and e-bikes. Each vacuum cup can handle up to 95 kilograms of pull, making it a very safe and reliable system.

Who trusts SeaSucker bike carriers?

Various organizations rely on the quality of SeaSucker's bike carriers. Team Jumbo-Visma uses the SeaSucker team rack, which can accommodate nine racing bicycles. Union Cycliste Internationale, like Jumbo-Visma, also uses the team rack. These specially developed team racks are mounted with the same vacuum cups as the other SeaSucker carriers. Former pro riders Klaas Vantornout and Johan Museeuw are both proud users of the SeaSucker Talon for the rides they do out of a passion for the sport. Several current pro riders such as Robert Gesink, Wout Poels, and Xandro Meurisse also rely on SeaSucker roof racks.

On which models are SeaSucker roof racks frequently used?

SeaSucker roof racks are applicable to any type of car, but mainly to lease cars of the brands Volvo, Tesla, Skoda, Volkswagen etc., and sports cars. These cars have a larger roof and therefore have enough space to place the bikes on it. SeaSucker's roof racks are therefore ideal for this type of car, but of course for all types of cars.

Where to put the front wheel?

The bicycles are fixed to the roof rack by means of the bicycle's front fork. In order to mount the bicycle, the front wheel has to be removed from the bicycle. But where do you put the front wheel? SeaSucker has developed the SeaSucker Flight Deck for this purpose. This allows you to place the front wheel on the roof of the car. The rear wheel of the bicycle is mounted on the right side and there is room for the front wheel on the left side.

Order a roof bike carrier for a car at SeaSucker!

Are you also convinced by the system of a roof bicycle carrier from SeaSucker? Then order a bicycle roof rack in our webshop today! You can then easily transport your bicycle to the desired location. Do you have questions about the bicycle roof rack or about the system? Then feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!