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A smart bike carrier without towbar

A bicycle carrier without towbar or roof rack without a roofrails can only work if it is based on ingeniously designed system. SeaSucker made it happen! 

Seasucker products work with vacuum cups. These mounts make SeaSucker racks very easy to assemble and disassemble. The cups are equipped with a vacuum pump and an indicator. By pumping the air out of the system a vacuum is created between the cup and the mounting surface. The indicator shows when you have reached the prefered vacuum level.

The powerful vacuum cups can hold up to 95kg of pulling force each. This makes our racks solid, reliable and safe. You can easily speed up to 120 km/ph on the higway without damaging your car roof or your favorite bike, surf or snowboard (even faster, but we do not want to advice you to drive too fast). 

With SeaSucker you are not longer tied to a towbar and / or roof rails, the Seasucker products fit on practically every car. They're future proof, and you can also just lend them to your brother who wants to take his bikes with him on a holliday. 

Smart bike carrier

It all started with  SeaSucker products for sport fishing. That explains the link between the cups and the octopus. Just take a look at our logo. With no less than 9 brains, the octopus is a smart animal. So it won't surprise you that the SeaSucker products are also a smart invention and easy to use!