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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question for us? Maybe you can find the answer below in our FAQ! Not found what you are looking for? Don't hesitate to contact us. 


How long will my SeaSucker hold?

There’s no set time limit on our vacuum mounts. It depends in part on the surface you attach to, the condition of the vacuum mount, the load you put on it, and other factors. As for surfaces to attach to, vacuum mounts in general were designed to carry big sheets of glass and other solid surface materials, so smoother, flatter surfaces are ideal. Clean surfaces and clean SeaSuckers go a long way to maximizing the hold time. In any event, if the vacuum mount begins to lose some vacuum, it will warn you so you can get it back to full power before it comes off. As you probably already know, the vacuum pump’s plunger will reverse itself and extend from the pump cylinder when it starts to lose power. Once you see the orange indicator band, that’s your cue to repump your SeaSucker. For car racks, the general rule of thumb is to check the rack before you get in your vehicle, and check it each time you stop for gas, food or the bathroom.

Do I need to clean the surface I'm going to attach my SeaSucker to?

Clean off any surface dirt from the mounting surface before attaching your SeaSucker. While you’re at it, make sure the sealing edge of the vacuum pad is clean too. You don’t have to clean the mounting surface with alcohol wipes, as one overly-enthusiastic customer told us they do, but a quick wipe with a wet paper towel or napkin wouldn’t hurt.

How do you remove a SeaSucker once it's attached?

Using your finger, lift the edge of the vacuum cup away from the mounting surface by pulling the t-shaped tab on the top of the vacuum pad up and towards the center of the vacuum mount. Once the edge of the vacuum pad is lifted, the vacuum seal breaks and you can removes your SeaSucker.

Will the sun damage my SeaSucker?

All SeaSucker vacuum mounts have UV inhibitors built right in, so they’re made to last. However, UV rays eventually break down almost any sort of rubber or plastic, so store your SeaSuckers out of the sun when not in use.

Where are the SeaSucker products made?

The products are made in the USA.

Do you sell spare parts?

Of course, you can find our spare parts at the 'Products' section under 'Accessories'.

How should I store my SeaSucker products?

Every bike carrier comes with plastic protections for the cups. Use them to cover your cups when you aren't using the bike rack. Be sure the protections are well positioned. Otherwise the cups can be deformed. If so, take off the protections and place the cups for a couple of hours on a solid surface. By doing so, the cups will get back their original shape.

Can I use the SeaSucker products in wet weather conditions?

Yes, absolutely. Moreover, the assembly will be easier in wet conditions, because the cup attaches better to the surface.

What if my bike has a through-axle fork mount?

No problem. You have a couple of options. If you are using your SeaSucker rack for a bike with a 15mm or 20mm fork mount exclusively, then you should purchase one of our bolt-on replacement fork mounts for through axles.There are 12mm, 15mm and 230mm thru-axle mounts available. When you choose for the SeaSucker Huske, it is even more easy, cause you don't have to change the adapter for every bike with a different connection.

Is it okay to use my rack in cold temperatures?

Yes, but be aware that once you remove your rack after using it in the cold, you will have to warm it up again to near room temperature before the rubber is pliable enough to make a solid seal to the mounting surface. Also, we recommend that, in warm weather, you wet the sealing edge of your rack before attaching. DO NOT DO THIS IN FREEZING OR NEAR-FREEZING TEMPERATURES. The vacuum cup will freeze to the surface of your car, which will prevent the vacuum pump and check valve from functioning properly. Additionally, if you wipe you car clean in the cold, make sure to dry it before attaching your rack.

Can I use the Komodo for mountain bikes?

The Komodo is only made for road bikes. Mountain bikes have a somewhat longer teswheel base than road bikes and are typically too long for the Komodo. The longest fork-to-wheel distance that will fit on a Komodo is 30". Fork-to-wheel distance is calculated by measuring from the middle of your bike’s front hub to the point on you back tire (on the side nearest your crank/chainrings), 6 inches up from the ground. Komodos come with 9mm QR and 12x100mm for mount options only, so most modern mountain bikes aren't compatible with the mounting options much less the length restrictions.

My car is wrapped, can I still use your products?

We won't recommend that. The vacuum effect of a cup is so strong that it can affect the wrap. In addition, the adhesion of the cup will depend on the adhesion of the wrap on the roof.

My car has a panorama roof, can I still use your product?

Absolutely, but don't open the roof while driving!

Does the position of the SeaSucker matter?

Yes! Always with the front fork facing forward. Backwards or sideways is dangerous and not safe.

Can a SeaSucker product damage my paint?

It can't be damaged when you use our product correctly. Make sure there is no sand/mud on the roof before you mount the cup. The cleaner the cup, the better the adhesion. Do you doubt whether the roof is clean enough? Make sure it's cleaned before you leave.

Could my pedal hit the roof?

Yes, it could be in some cases. For example, when the wind blows against your pedal. For that reason, a strip of velcro is supplied with every carrier. You can wrap that around both the pedal and your frame, so it will stay in place.

Do I have to remove my front wheel?

Most of the time. If you don't have enough space in your car, there are multiple options to transport your front wheel on top of the car. For example the SeaSucker Flightdeck or the SeaSucker Hogg. You don't need to remove the front wheel with the SeaSucker Hornet bike carrier.

How fast can I drive with the SeaSucker products on top?

As fast as allowed on that particular road.

Can I place my SeaSucker on a window?

Absolutely, but we don't recommend to use the front window!

Can I transport my E-bike with SeaSucker?

Yes. It's possible to transport one E-bike with the SeaSucker Mini Bomber. In that case, you can just transport one E-bike in the middle of the Mini Bomber.

Can I use a SeaSucker on a convertible?

It's possible, but you have to make sure there is enough space on your roof to mount a carrier. It also depends on the material of the roof. With a hardtop roof it's of course easier to mount a SeaSucker than with a soft top roof. Anyway, be careful and don't open the roof when the carrier is mounted.

What can be the maximum weight of a bike?

We advise 20 kilograms, but you can transport one heavier bike on the Mini Bomber.

Which surface is suitable for the SeaSucker products?

On any surface that is smooth enough to create a vacuum.

Do you have a certificate for the SeaSucker products?

Not yet, but we're working on it. Anyway, it's no problem to get the SeaSucker products in Europe. 

Are the SeaSucker products also suitable for Tesla cars?

That's no problem, moreover, many Tesla drivers already use it! 


Which bike carrier do you advise for one bike?

We would suggest the SeaSucker Talon, our best sold product. Don't you have enough space on your car? In that case, the SeaSucker Komodo is a great solution, but please keep in mind that the SeaSucker Komodo is only available on special request. 

Which bike carrier do you advise for two bikes? 

The SeaSucker Mini Bomber is the best option for two bikes.

Which bike carrier do you advise for three bikes?

The SeaSucker Bomber is the best option for three bikes.

Do you have carriers for other sports?

Of course! Do you like winter sports? In that case, the SeaSucker ski- snowboard rack might be something for you! Besides, we have the Board Rack for water sports enthusiasts. Furthermore, we have a multifunctional solution with the Monkey Bars. You can transport for example roof boxes with that product. 


How fast do you send my order

Our aim is to send on the same day or at least the next working day. It depends on a number of factors. First of all, our opening hours, the pick-up times of our transporter, the moment of ordering et cetera. Obviously, we do our best to keep our stock on level. If that isn't the case unfortunately, you will be the first to know.

Who is your transporter?

We work with GLS and send from Monday till Friday.

Do you charge shipping costs?

Orders from €150 are sent free of charge. For every order below this amount, we charge €4,95 shipping costs.

How can I return my product?

Go to the page "Return' and we ensure that everything is handled according to your wishes.


How can I reach you?

Go to the 'Contact' page and fill in the contact form to approach us.

Can I visit you?

No, we only sell online. If you're nearby us and you have a question, please make a call on forehand.