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About SeaSucker

Transporting your bikes without a towbar? Good idea!

Why SeaSucker as company name? You probably asked yourself this question as soon as you visited our website and saw the logo with the imposing octopus.

The brand name derives its origin from sport fishing, besides cycling the favourite hobby of the brand's founder: Chuck Casagrande. During one of his fishing trips in 2005, he searched for an efficient solution to attach a fishing chair to his boat without drilling holes. He succeeded by using an innovative system of vacuum cups!

This system proved to be so user-friendly and effective that he started to develop other products that he could attach using vacuum cups. By doing so, he started with the development of new products based on this unique system: bike racks, sup and surfboard carriers and a ski rack.

It won't surprise you that SeaSucker refers to the company's activities at sea and to the suckers of the octopus (as a symbol for our vacuum cups). Yet there is one big difference: our cups have a remarkably longer lifespan than the molluscs themselves.

So, thanks to this inventive fisherman, we can now transport our bikes, ski’s, boards and other kind of cargo without the need of a towbar or roof rails. Furthermore, you have to admit SeaSucker is a sticky name..

Benefits of the SeaSucker bike rack

ICC, the exclusive distributor for Seasucker, is convinced of the numerous product's benefits. Bellow you can find some reasons why:

  • Flexible, products can be placed on almost every car
  • User-friendly, they are easy to assembe and dissamble
  • Versatile, they can be used for diffrend types of bikes

Not convinced yet? Check out the reviews our satisified customers have written about our products! 

With the same passion as the founder, we like to switch to a higher gear to offer you the best service possible. Both consumers and dealers can contact us for all their questions and purchases. 

Do you also want to transport bicycles without a towbar? Without inconveniences? Don't hesitate to contact us! We are happy to help you!