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A Seasucker bike rack is reliable, safe and strong. That's for sure! But even the best bike rack needs maintenance at certain periods, that is the same with your car. Only with the proper maintenance you can can be assured that you are for 100% safe on the road and arrive at your destination with your race- or mountainbike.

Although the Seasucker bike rack can be used no matter the weather conditions,are the pumps and vacuum pads subject to those weather conditions. Thats why you need to check and clean them regularly to assure that they will keep functioning properly.

How can you tell the vacuum needs to be re-pumped?

When you notice a certain level of strain while pumping the vacuum, that's the signal you have the apply maintenance to the pumps. Even premature pressure loss can be a good indicator.

How do you start to apply such maintenance?

The maintenance itself is fairly easy. As shown by the video below you can see how to proceed with it.  

Easy, isn't it?

The lube that is shown in the video is supplied with every bikerack. The lube is also available as a spare part. Feel free to take a look on our online shop and discover what other useful accessories you can buy.

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