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It's time to go OFFROAD!

The days are slowly getting shorter, the weather is getting worse and the sun is showing itself less often. Motivation to go out and cycle on the road, hard to find right now... Fortunately, the mountain bike, gravel bike, or cross bike is a great alternative! The unpaved, sometimes muddy paths, the smell of the forest, all gives a feeling of freedom. Best of all: discovering new trails in areas where you have never cycled before.

Those who think that for 'real' mountain biking you have to go to France or Italy are wrong. In the Benelux there are also plenty of beautiful mountain bike trails to be found. In the Netherlands, for example, there are several magnificent routes around the 'Utrechtse Heuvelrug', and in the South Limburg, you can find some great tracks as well. Do you want it tougher? Then the Ardennes are a good option! You can choose to travel to the mountain bike capital of the Benelux: Houffalize. There are also plenty of beautiful routes in the Benelux for gravel or cyclocross biking. No reason not to get your bike dirty this winter!

But where do you leave that muddy bike after a long gravel or mountain bike ride? A muddy bike in the trunk? Not very nice! It would be a shame to clean the car in the afternoon after a strenuous Saturday or Sunday morning, instead of being able to relax on the couch! Luckily, with SeaSucker bike carriers you can easily transport your bike on the roof of your car. No tow bar? No problem, all SeaSucker roof racks are assembled using vacuum cups. These cups, based on the system used in the glass industry, can each take up to 95kg of pulling force.
SeaSucker instaleren

Mounting the SeaSucker roof rack

But how do I mount a SeaSucker? Clean your roof before mounting the bike carrier (otherwise the cups will not stick!). Place the front deck on the roof of the car. Use the pumps to pump the air out of the system, this creates a vacuum. Put your bike on the front deck, clamp it with the quick-release or use your thru-axle. Then position the rear cup straight under the rear wheel. Just fasten the Velcro strap and off you are off!

What about my race bike in the summer? Fortunately, SeaSucker bike carriers are suitable for practically any sports bike weighing up to 20 kg, so for both race and mountain bikes. On SeaSucker roof racks, you can easily take one, two or three bikes with you. Do you often choose to brave the tracks alone? Then the SeaSucker Talon is the most suitable model. Do you often go out with your cycling buddies or the family? Then the SeaSucker Mini Bomber (two bikes) or SeaSucker Bomber (three bikes) are options to consider.

Easy to use with the HUSKE system

Disc Brakes? No problem! The carriers are equipped with a universal system, the HUSKE, which can be easily adjusted to the standard of your bike with different plugs. Mountain bikes are often equipped with 15mm or 15mm boost thru-axles, cyclocross, gravel and road bikes most often use 12mm thru-axles. Do you want to know which connection your bike has and which HUSKE plugs you need? On this page you will find a handy overview. 
Bad weather outside? Enjoy it!
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