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Universal bike carrier

Who doesn't want a universal bike carrier? It's easy to use and you can transport bicycles without a towbar or roof rails. SeaSucker's vacuum system is suited for bikes of maximum 20 kg and you don't have to wonder any longer if your bike rack fits your Mini Cooper or new Audi A4. Futhermore, it's safe to ride a maximum speed of 130 km/h. 

Thankful users

Our customers can tell you everything about the ease of use and the flexibility of our bike carriers. Be convinced by their enthusiastic reactions:

"What a great product! We traveled more than 2000 km without any problems: fast assembly and disassembly and solid as a rock. I'm sure I will enjoy this product in the coming years."

Photo: Jurrien drives around with a SeaSucker Mini Bomber in combination with two Flightdecks to transport two front wheels: "It's magnificent and easy to use", he states. 

Another satisfied customer: "The SeaSucker products are nice, compact and efficient. I have two cars, no towbar is available for both of them. However, that doesn't matter anymore thanks to SeaSucker! The Mini Bomber makes live much easier for me and my Mini!"

Piëdro likes to go mountainbiking with his son. Unfortunately, no towbar is available for Mini cars, but the SeaSucker Mini Bomer and Add on frontwheel holder is the ideal solution!

Are you also convinced about the SeaSucker system? Please let us know, we're looking forward to your feedback